About us

Our company

LifeAir is about cleaner and healthier air, and only that; it is what we love and are specialists at.

As a young, fast-growing Swedish company, LifeAir challenges the established companies with their old, conventional products and traditional mindset through new technology.


Three things that defines us.


We have said it before: With LifeAir you won’t get another home appliance or electronics brand. LifeAir is about cleaner and healthier air, and only that; it is what we love and do best.

Cutting-edge Technology

We don’t do it the old way you are used to. The secret is called ionization. Our air purifiers are filterless, soundless, and optimized for removing the ultra-fine particles that are most hazardous to our health.


Swedish technology and engineering at its best in a beautiful Scandinavian design. At LifeAir we believe people appreciate beauty and functional design. Our goal is to make stylishly designed products that beautifully blend into any indoor environment. We believe people deserve better products than noisy box-like looking air purifiers.

  • A better life.


Our mission

To improve people’s health and comfort by offering the best indoor-air-quality products possible for any environment.

LifeAir today

Key words are lean, flexible and deep market knowledge. Innovative product development, manufacturing, and branding are LifeAir’s main activities.

LifeAir has established successful distribution in Europe, Asia and North America and is now working on development of new innovative and stylish products whilst growing larger on every market.


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