Air as life intended it.

LifeAir is about cleaner and healthier air, and only that; it is what we love and are specialists at. We know how to keep your room clean from the most harmful particles hazardous to your health.

Nobody beats LifeAir

According to the scientific community, size matters. 90% of all particles in the air are smaller than PM0,1 (microns). These particles are overwhelmingly the most harmful ones to your health and actually the only ones that matters to go after. In numbers this means we clean your air down to PM0.007.

Beat that if you can!



We are your best protection against virus. A scientifically proven fact.

LifeAir IonFlow air purifiers are scientifically proven to neutralize more than 97% of viruses in the air! The virus are made harmless immediately in the air as the negative ions attach to them making sure they will never bother you. Scientifically proven by Karolinska Institute and published in Nature. Read full report HERE.

So, how do we do it?

Well, picture a magnet, not a vacuum cleaner (conventional air purifiers). Instead of sucking air through a filter, we simply make the air particles in a room – virus, mold, allergens, and pollution particles – “magnetic” by giving them a tiny negative charge. The secret is called ionization, and it’s what draws them to our positively charged particle collector. Continuously, quietly, efficiently and without any ozone.

  • Ionization is the secret.

Listen to what our customers say.

You cannot get any better proof than this.


“We bought this for our daughter who has some serious respiratory problems and it has helped a great deal, however what we did not expect is the benefits for our son who is allergic to household dust. The impact on him has been incredible.”

Kevin Cole, US Military Base, Japan

“What an invention! Noa does not have to inhale medicines anymore and she sleeps much better. Once in a while she still has these coughing attacks but because she has enough rest now she is much stronger and can cope with it without medicines.”

Karin van der Hoor, Holland

”For the first summer in nearly 30 years I have not yet had a nightly attack. And my hay fever symptoms, even at high pollen counts, are more or less gone.”

Jörgen Fors, Sweden

LifeAir effectively removes.

Traffic pollution
Pet allergen
Industrial pollution

Said about us in the media.


”This stylish air purifier is both good for you and easy on the environment.”


”LifeAir has successfully bridged a gap in the air purifier market by offering consumers a device that not only enhances their health but their environment as well.”

Business Week


”As stylish as any air purifier could be.”

Surface Magazine

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